Hello Bracket Enthusiasts

I created a complete bracket using the results of The Matrix Rankings. I was able to separate every conference perfectly with only a handful of seed line changes.

There are 8 sub quadrants so the Big 10 was the only conference that needed 2 teams in a sub quadrant. In one Indiana and Iowa could play in a regional semifinal and the other Ohio State could play Rutgers. Each matchup only happened once this year.

I am going to run a simulation on this bracket. In 2019 this simulation selected all 16 sweet 16 teams. I am going to run each round on exactly the same day they are supposed to be played or at least get as close as I possibly can. The first 4 already would have started. You can follow along or other bracket selectors could follow if they wish. I just started this idea today out of pure boredom – its not something I ever expected to do. The shame of all this is that we have some real first time teams at the top like Dayton and San Diego State. Hopefully next year can bring us something close to the same.

Take care and see you in 2021

The bracket simulation will be run from this page. I will add to the page as its just something I created minutes ago. Remember to clear cached images and files to get the latest bracket update.

The First Four

The First Round

The Second Round

The Third Round

The Fourth Round

The Final Four